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We understand that planning a memorable journey can be overwhelming with a multitude of options available. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the process and share our own Stories and Experiences of travel. We believe that every journey has a unique narrative waiting to unfold, and we are passionate about crafting extraordinary adventures that leave a lasting impression. At Stories and Experiences Travel, we go beyond just offering travel packages. We strive to create personalized and immersive journeys that resonate with your interests, preferences, and desires. Our team of experienced travel experts is dedicated to curating exceptional experiences that go beyond the beaten path, allowing you to truly connect with the essence of each destination.
We believe that travel is more than just visiting landmarks; it’s about forging connections, embracing diverse cultures, and immersing yourself in transformative moments. Our aim is to turn your travel dreams into reality, providing you with unforgettable memories that will become part of your own unique story. Whether you seek the thrill of a wildlife safari, the serenity of a tropical paradise, the cultural riches of ancient civilizations, or the adrenaline rush of adventure activities, we have the expertise and passion to bring your aspirations to life. With our in-depth knowledge of diverse destinations and a network of trusted partners, we ensure that every aspect of your journey is carefully planned and executed, leaving you free to fully embrace the joy of exploration.
Join us on a journey of discovery as we share our Stories and Experiences of travel. Let us be your trusted companion, guiding you through the exciting world of possibilities and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.
Embark on a travel experience that transcends expectations. Welcome to Stories and Experiences Travel, where your journey begins.

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The most important aspect of any safari is certainly YOUR GUIDE! He will accompany you throughout your safari and feel responsible to take care of you. Our guides are educated, bilingual and have excellent knowledge of all Parks / Game Reserves that you will be visiting. Your guide will be with you from the time you arrive at the airport until you depart. He will give you detailed information on game sightings, the country, history and an insight on Life in Kenya.
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Africa: Our Source of Inspiration

At Stories and Experiences Travel, we do what we do with an unwavering commitment to celebrating the magnificence of Africa while upholding the principles of responsible tourism. Our mission is deeply rooted in our ethos, driven by our passion for showcasing the extraordinary continent of Africa.

In the heart of Africa, we find purpose and pride

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Our packages include accommodations in multiple lodges and camps across different national parks, daily game drives, all meals, transfers between lodges, and transportation options by road or light aircraft. Please note that international flights are not included.

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We are committed to providing extraordinary Safari Experiences.

About Stories Experiences Travel

Welcome to Stories Experiences Travel, a premier safari company dedicated to creating extraordinary adventures in the captivating landscapes of Kenya. We are passionate about immersing our guests in the breathtaking beauty of the African wilderness while delivering exceptional service and unforgettable experiences.

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These factors combined create a compelling reason to trust our agency with your safari adventure. We strive to exceed your expectations, create lifelong memories, and be your trusted partner for all your future safari explorations. With us, you can embark on your dream safari with confidence, knowing that every detail has been carefully crafted to deliver an exceptional experience in the heart of the wild.

Expertise and Experience

Our agency prides itself on having a team of seasoned experts with extensive knowledge and experience in organizing safaris. From our dedicated guides to our knowledgeable staff, we possess a deep understanding of the destinations, wildlife, and cultural nuances that make each safari unique. This expertise ensures that every aspect of your trip is carefully planned and executed, leaving no room for uncertainties.


Personalized Approach

We believe in the power of personalization. We take the time to listen to your individual preferences, desires, and expectations for your safari adventure. Whether it's spotting the Big Five, immersing in local communities, or engaging in conservation efforts, we tailor your itinerary to align with your specific interests, ensuring that your trip is meaningful and unforgettable.


Commitment to Conservation and Sustainability

We are deeply committed to preserving the natural habitats, wildlife, and local communities that make safaris possible. We partner with responsible lodges, conservation organizations, and community initiatives to ensure that your trip contributes positively to the conservation of these delicate ecosystems. By choosing our agency, you are actively supporting sustainable tourism practices and making a difference in the places you visit.


Seamless and Hassle-Free Experience

We understand that your safari journey should be a stress-free and seamless experience from start to finish. From the moment you contact us to the moment you return home, we strive to provide exceptional customer service, prompt communication, and meticulous attention to detail. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of your trip, including transportation, accommodations, activities, and logistics, is flawlessly executed, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the safari adventure.


Testimonials and Recommendations

The positive feedback and testimonials from our satisfied customers are a testament to the quality of our services. We are proud to have built long-lasting relationships with our clients, many of whom return to us for their future safari experiences or refer us to their friends and family. The trust and recommendations from our valued customers speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Safety and Security

Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us. We work with reputable partners, adhere to strict safety standards, and maintain regular communication with our on-the-ground teams to ensure a safe and secure safari experience. Our guides are trained in wilderness first aid and are well-equipped to handle any unforeseen situations, providing you with peace of mind throughout your journey.


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Safari and Beach Holidays

A safari isn’t just a vacation; it’s a symphony of unforgettable moments. Picture this: your heart races at the first echoing roar of a lion across the plains. You encounter creatures you’ve only dreamt of and witness wildlife behaviors that leave you in awe. And when the night falls, you gather around a campfire, sharing stories under a sky adorned with sparkling constellations.

However, here’s the catch: Without the right guidance, your safari can turn into a daunting adventure. You might miss out on those rare wildlife sightings or the chance to explore the bush’s hidden secrets.

That’s where our safari specialists come in. With their profound connections to Africa, they’ll craft a journey that fulfills your wildest safari dreams. They’ll arrange experiences that reveal the bush in ways you’ve never imagined. From immersive walking safaris that focus on the intricate ecosystem to thrilling boat trips, bringing you up close to elephants, hippos, and vibrant birdlife.


Don't let your safari be left to chance.

Our experts will guide you towards a safari experience that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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Our packages include accommodations in multiple lodges and camps across different national parks, daily game drives, all meals, transfers between lodges, and transportation options by road or light aircraft. Please note that international flights are not included.

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We promote local community & culture is an excellent way

Stories Experience Travel  offer opportunities to interact with local communities and learn about their traditions, languages, art, and music. This could involve visits to nearby villages, participating in cultural ceremonies or performances, or engaging in hands-on activities such as traditional crafts or cooking classes.

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